The Underdog Event


What is The Underdog Event?


The Underdog Event is a quarterly event created to discover artistic creativity throughout Second-life.  This event is open to everyone who makes original content, be it a Major Known Brand in SL or a new up and comer!

100% of the content is made by the designer (other than scripts & some poses in Furniture).  There is absolutely no template use allowed.   This is an opportunity for designers who aren’t so well known or are older designers learning how to now create mesh, to be seen.

All artwork needs to be owned by the designer  or shown permission for use.   This includes Tattoo Artwork.


What makes the Event So Different than the Rest?

You have choices & the event is designed to promote your brand!  By promoting and supporting us, we support you!


Chose your payment option!

You can chose the payment of the fee of 1000L for the event or Chose the 25% of sales from vendor option.  This way, you do not lose out!  If you do not make lindens, neither do we!  This is a perfect option for new businesses or businesses wanting to test the waters to see if this event is for you!

The Free Gift option that promotes YOUR STORE!

The Underdog Half – time gift helps promote people to visit your Store location!  So instead of free gifts being offered at the event, those gifts will be at YOUR STORE, exclusive only to The Underdog Event Update group members!  We send out a HUD to our Update group and Subscriber!  The Hud will give them a visual experience of what you offer and will provide them with a teleport to your store!   Donation of gifts for the event is VOLUNTARY only, however, we strongly suggest you  do so for additional coverage on our social media!  Donation = We plug the hell out of your brand!


There is no theme at The Underdog Event.  The Event is about promoting artistic creativity and that is what we want to see!  We’re looking for that Unique artistic creativty that makes Secondlife so great!


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