Designer Apps

This application is for the events for this year.  Feel free to apply more than once if you do not get accepted for this months round.  We keep apps continuously open!  We fully intent to have ALL SPACES filled at an event.  If someone does not show up, we will make an announcement in our “Underdog On Call” group.

The “Underdog On Call” Group is a group you will be invited to if you meet the standards of qualifying to be in the event.  If a designer does not show up, we will do a notice in group that we have a space opening.  This space is absolutely FREE OF CHARGE.  We are aware last-minute is an inconvenience, so as show of appreciation, the space will be free.  If you cannot do a custom piece for the event, we at least ask for a free gift to be offered at half time.  It does not have to be NEW.  It can be something recolored or revisited.

Please keep in mind, although many people do absolutely Stunning work with template mesh, This event will NOT allow template Mesh.    We also do NOT accept Tattoo art that isn’t hand drawn by yourself or has not obtained permission of the artist whos work you used.  We will ask for PROOF of permission to use another artists work.